We are Veterinary Acupuncturists ready to serve your  Little ones (Domestic and Wild Pets).


Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine services (Moxa, Fito, Dietetics and more)
Hello, if you want to be served at cheaper prices, schedule with our professionals who work at the Outpatient Clinic of Faculdade Qualittas, in Vila Monumento - Ipiranga - São Paulo/SP.
Gold Beads Implants


If your dog, cat or wild pet has a chronic illness where it will need acupuncture for the rest of its life, maybe it's the case to get the Gold Implant, which will leave your pet well for years with a single procedure!

Diet Therapy and/or Chinese Dietetics

We all know how important the diet or the foods we eat are to us, and they certainly are to us.  your animals.

Therefore, often, the treatment carried out by acupuncture requires that some types of food be removed from your pet's diet, or that some specific foods be provided in your pet's diet, in order to enhance the treatment that is being done with it. , greatly improving the health of your Pets.

Manual Acupuncture

Manual Acupuncture is the technical name given to what everyone knows as simply Acupuncture. It is an ancient Chinese technique that uses fine and small needles, which are inserted into specific and specific points on the animal's body, in order to stimulate these points of specific action and very effective in the treatment of various disorders that are likely to acupuncture treatment.

moxa or moxibustion

Most of the time that your animal needs acupuncture treatment, it will also end up receiving from time to time, along with acupuncture, treatment using MOXA (a stick of Artemisia sinensis or similar) that resembles a cigar, the which is lit with a lighter fire and will glow, being used to stimulate certain acupuncture points or even needles, or an area of your animal's body with heat or short infrared rays, causing relief from painful processes, stimulation of certain activities metabolic effects, potentiate the effects of acupuncture and much more. 

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Tasha - Caso de Sequelas de CInomose encaminhado à Eutanásia

Tasha - Caso de Sequelas de CInomose encaminhado à Eutanásia

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PENELOPE - sequela de cinomose fase nervosa

PENELOPE - sequela de cinomose fase nervosa

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Caso Tatá

Caso Tatá

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This is one of the most used treatment techniques in cases of pain, neurological, musculoskeletal and dermatological problems. It is the use of needles stimulated by wires that emit electrical current of low milliamperage (10 mA - MILIAMPER, at most 30 mA could be used).

DOGS and Cats, Horses, Ruminants with spinal disorders - for example discopathies - limb weakness/paresis and paralysis, pain from muscle and bone problems and much more... can be treated by electrical stimulation in acupuncture needles and the The effect of this treatment lasts for an average of 5 to 7 days, and with a few sessions it can disappear completely.

About 30% or more of dogs treated with acupuncture receive this painless form of treatment, which leads to relaxation and even makes the animal sleepy during the acupuncture session. This technique is also used to release Mesenchymal Stem Cells into the bloodstream and  Stimulate Immunity in cancer cases with due care. Anyway, there are many cases in which Electroacupuncture is used with great success, effectiveness!

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Veterinary Acupuncture Clinic

Hello, we have several services (Acupuncture, Electroacupuncture, Moxibustion, guasha, qi gong, reiki, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Diet Therapy, Auriculotherapy, Implants of Gold Fragments and Cat-gut Wires and the like, Hai Hua,  Trigram Acupuncture and other techniques), and several professionals to serve you in São Paulo/SP and Greater São Paulo, but we also have professionals trained by us who work in several cities in Brazil, not just São Paulo. If you need any professional advice, you can contact us via WhatsApp.

We provide assistance in various Veterinary Clinics in Greater São Paulo, in addition to home visits.

If you need a service for people in need, we have practical classes in our Specialization Course in Veterinary Acupuncture at QUALITTAS Faculty. For that, they need to schedule the date and time of these appointments with us. And we also have more affordable services, should you need them, which are provided at our Ipiranga unit, in Vila Monumento, at Av. Dom Pedro I, 480.




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